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New music building retains Voxman name

For more than a century, the University of Iowa School of Music has been situated at the heart of the cultural life that defines the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the University of Iowa.  While many gifted musicians and educators have contributed to the reputation and rich traditions of the program, the late Himie Voxman remains the central figure in the school’s special history.  Professor Voxman set the standard for the musicianship, professionalism, historical research, and intellectual curiosity which continue to define the school to this day. I am delighted to inform you that the Iowa State Board of Regents voted yesterday to honor his legacy by naming the new School of Music building for Himie Voxman.

At a time when the University is forced to seek a balance between immediate financial demands and paying tribute an institution’s history, I am profoundly grateful to the board for this decision to recognize our storied past by retaining the Voxman name.

The new School of Music building will be a symbol of the University of Iowa’s commitment to music education and will reestablish the school as a vital cultural resource for the university and the community. This dynamic and transformative structure signals an important new chapter in the life of the School. Naming the building for Professor Voxman will add substantially to the program’s reputation by acknowledging our vibrant past and honoring the high standards he set.  In addition, this decision will permanently associate the University of Iowa School of Music with a man who continues to inspire and motivate generations of musicians in Iowa and across the United States.