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Voxman by the Numbers

A lot went into the design and construction of the new Voxman Music Building. Here are a few building numbers to give you an idea of the scope of the project:

  • $189 million: Total project cost of the Voxman Music Building
  • 190,000: square footage of building, covering five floors
  • 12,400: Square feet of glass used for glass walls
  • 3,883: Pipes in the concert hall organ
  • 10,500: Cubic yards of structural concrete, or enough to place a 4-foot, 4-inch thick sidewalk over 40 miles long
  • 324: Total rooms in the building
  • 65: Practice rooms
  • 29: TA offices
  • 58: Faculty studios
  • 1.1 million: Square feet of drywall, which would be 53 miles if it were lined up end to end
  • 450: Average number of music majors in any given year
  • 130: number of pianos moving back into Voxman Music Building