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Années de Pèlerinage (Years of Pilgrimage)

CD cover: Années de Pèlerinage (Years of Pilgrimage)
Centaur Records
  1. Chapelle de Guillaume Tell (William Tell's Chapel)
  2. Au lac de Wallenstadt (At the Lake of Walenstadt)
  3. Pastorale
  4. Au bord d'une source (Beside a Spring)
  5. Orage (Storm) [listen]
  6. Vallée d'Obermann (Oberman's Valley) [listen]
  7. Eglogue (Eclogue)
  8. Le mal du pays (Homesickness)
  9. Les cloches de Genéve: Nocturne (The Bells of Geneva: Nocturne) [listen]
  10. Polonaise Melancolique [listen]

Total Duration 63:14

"Her (Ksenia Nosikova’s) tone in Vallèe d‘Obermann, the keystone of this collection (Switzerland) is sensuous and singing. Moreover, superb pacing and two marvelously constructed climaxes turn this diffuse and difficult tone-poem into a tour de force… Les Cloches de Genêve glows with luminous tonal shading and has real charm and emotional power… Her Polonaise Melancolique is indeed revelatory. Here she achieves extraordinary elasticity of rhythm, tasteful rubato, and above all, spellbinding atmosphere. I don’t expect this unusual work so remarkably played any time soon."
American Record Guide, March, 2004