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Cello Concerto / Double Bass Concerto / Moonburst

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Timothy Gill

Opening with relentless energy, the second movement of the Cello Concerto is spectral and dreamlike, while the Double Bass Concerto explores the light effects of a solar eclipse, using the soloist to suggest shadows, auras and glimpses of sound. A partner work to Sunburst (8.559835), the multi-layered Moonburst reflects the transformational imagery of nocturnal sounds and perceptions.

Cello Concerto
I. Mnemosyne 00:13:07
II. Lethe 00:09:39

Double Bass Concerto
I. Penumbra 00:11:04
II. Umbra  -  III. Antumbra 00:15:42

Sunburst and Moonburst: II. Moonburst