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Music for Piano and Chamber Orchestra

CD cover: Music for Piano and Chamber Orchestra
Pro Corde Chamber Consort


This disc presents an interesting collection of three relatively unfamiliar piano concertos: Liszt's phantasmogorical and brilliant Malèdiction for Piano and Strings composed in 1833, when Liszt was 22 years old and in the midst of his virtuoso career; Concerto in A minor by Mendelssohn, writen by 13-years-old Mendelssohn in 1822, a juvenile work but testamental of the composer's childhood genius; and the delightful Clementi's Piano Concerto in C major, which was written in the 1780's and survived only in a copy made in 1796 with altered instrumentation by a third party. 

"The Malèdiction is excellent and one of the best recordings ever made of this piece; the performance succeeds in maintaining a dramatic argument for the whole 15 minute movement with admirable cooperation between the soloist and accompaniment, rather than a piece that maintains only for certain sections, as is common to recordings of the work", All Music Guide, April 2010 

"an interesting and worthwhile recording...leaves me wanting to hear more", Fanfare, Burton Rothleder, March-April 2010

"A collector would be hard pressed to obtain a tripling of more convincing performances of such rarities on one CD, and all played with a twinkle in the eye, a simultaneously wistly penetration (especially the Mendelssohn), and a self-effacing validity that carries these musical "Footnotes" into the realm of the absolutely listenable- and perhaps memorable, as well"., Melvyn M. Sobel, April, 2010