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Music in Special Education

Book cover: Music in Special Education
American Music Therapy Association; 2 edition
Alice-Ann Darrow

The field of special education has changed greatly over the past three decades. With this change, the responsibilities of music educators and music therapists have also changed. Music professionals in the schools must keep abreast of new laws, terminology, approaches, materials, and technology in order to meet the needs of students with disabilities. Inclusive education has contributed to the changed roles of music therapists and music educators in the classroom. Music in Special Education (2nd edition) provides an introduction to the current role of music education and music therapy in the lives of students with disabilities and their families. This completely updated edition of Music in Special Education explains important features of special education that are essential for interdisciplinary communication and effective teaching. Part I introduces the reader to the historical and instructional foundations of music in special education, including major topics and developments in the field of special education, important terminology, and curricular issues. Part II introduces the characteristics of students with specific disabilities, the educational effects of these disabilities, appropriate adaptations, as well as music education and music therapy approaches used with students who have these disabilities. New to the 2nd edition, Part III extends the information from Parts I and II to address music therapy research in the schools, including students with disabilities in beginning band, and issues related to the family of students with disabilities. Music in Special Education (2nd edition), is an essential text to prepare effective future music educators and music therapists for the real world.