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Pieces & Passages

Pieces & Passages album cover
Albany Records
Jason Sifford

The theme that ties this album together, Pieces and Passages, is a self-circling paradox. A piece of music as a complete, worked-out thought or fragments -- perhaps something broken or incomplete. Passages are the kind sought by travelers and in the case of the music on this recording, wends through America, Peru, Ireland, and China. These dual metaphors guided violinist Scott Conklin's approach to this repertoire as he combined seemingly disparate styles and sentiments into an eclectic but cohesive artistic statement. Conklin regularly appears as a recitalist, soloist, chamber musician, orchestral player and teaching clinician throughout the U.S. and abroad. He is on the faculty of the University of Iowa and a violin teacher at the Preucil School of Music. Pianists Alan Huckleberry and Jason Sifford are his collaborators.