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Graduate Certificate in Sacred Music

Fingers playing a harpsichordThe University of Iowa School of Music began offering the Graduate Certificate in Sacred Music in 1991. The certificate is more extensive than a minor, though somewhat less so than a major, with a broad focus on areas on study related to sacred music. It may be earned while working toward a graduate degree. The certificate may also be completed apart from the pursuit of a graduate degree, the prerequisite being admission to the University Graduate College and permission of the faculty advisor for the certificate.

The University of Iowa has a long tradition of excellence in its Religious Studies and Music as well as other related areas, and this certificate draws upon these strengths. This study may enhance an individual’s professional credentials and provide personal growth and satisfaction.

A certificate program recognizes studies in specialized areas within the Graduate College of the University. Upon completion of the required semester hours within the various areas listed, and upon successful completion of the review and approval process of this Graduate Certificate, the designation Graduate Certificate in Sacred Music will be affixed to the candidate’s University of Iowa transcript.


  1. Contact the Graduate Admissions Office for admission application forms to the University Graduate College. Graduate admission is required for any enrollment that receives graduate credit.
    NOTE: Admission to a graduate degree program is not necessary to participate in the certificate program, although the certificate may be earned while working toward a degree.
  2. Contact the School of Music Organ Area stating interest in the Graduate Certificate in Sacred Music. Include the following information in your letter: experience and training in church music, current involvement and future aspirations in the field, approximate skill level in appropriate areas such as piano, organ, voice, conducting, or composition. List previous studies, in any, in theology, religious history, liturgies, or sacred writings.

Once the certificate supervisor and the School of Music Associate Director for Graduate Studies have reviewed your application, you will be sent a notification of acceptance.


The certificate will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the required number of semester hours in applicable courses, and a minimum grade point average of 2.75.

A minimum of 25 s.h. of graduate coursework is required for the completion of the certificate.

Certificate Requirements