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Request a Pianist

Fill out the Request a Pianist form

Please note the following guidelines before requesting a pianist:

  • Requesting a pianist does not guarantee that you will be assigned a project.  
  • Incomplete requests will not be assigned.
  • You may request a pianist for either a full project or a half project.
  • A full project is defined as 20 minutes of music or less.
  • A half project is defined as less than 10 minutes of music.
  • You may request a pianist for multiple pieces, as long as they fall under the time limitations.
  • You may only request one full project or two half projects per semester.
  • Each project MUST have a pre-determined culminating date/performance.  This can be a performance in seminar, for a master class, a recital, studio recital, jury, or simply a lesson. 
  • If assigned a pianist, the project will last at least 3 weeks and no longer than 5 weeks.
  • The first week of each project is dedicated to the pianist to learn the music.
  • In each successive week, you will have one hour (30 minutes for half projects) of rehearsal time, and one hour (30 minutes for half projects) of other contact time, which is for lessons, coachings, seminar, etc. This is for lessons, coachings, seminars, and the final performance.
  • Your pianist will be available to you for your jury, as long as it is with same repertoire, which was used during the project.  You will receive at most two extra rehearsals.
  • If you miss a scheduled rehearsal, the pianist is NOT responsible for making it up.
  • It is your responsibility to get the music to the pianist directly. Any delay will result in losing a portion of the project. Should this delay result in the culminating date being less than three weeks away, then you forfeit the entire project.
  • Requests for half projects will NOT be accepted less than 23 days before the culminating date of the project; requests for full projects will not be accepted less than 28 days before the culminating date of the project.
  • If you would like to do a recording session with your assigned piano TA, the session can only be up to and including one hour.
  • No requests will be accepted after April 1 (Spring semester) and November 1 (Fall semester).  Be aware that assignments may fill sooner than these dates.