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Recording Studios

School of Music recording engineer at work.

Recording Studios

Voxman Music Building features a full suite of state-of-the-art recording control rooms in support of the creative work of School of Music students and faculty. The recording studios include direct audio and video connections to all performance halls and rehearsal rooms within Voxman.  With a full complement of professional equipment and technological capabilities, studios’ staff and student employees support a diverse range of performances, sessions, and post-production projects.  The recording studios can assist student and faculty musicians with technological expertise in audio and video recording, live-sound reinforcement, commercial release recording production, and other related services.  

Student Recital Recordings

Professional recording services are available to any School of Music students scheduling a recital in Voxman Music Building.  Please refer to Recital Scheduling Policies for more information. As a student performer fills out the forms to Schedule a Student Recital they’ll be able to view the recording options available and associated fees.

School of Music Ensemble and Faculty Recital Recordings

The audio recording fee for faculty recitals and faculty-directed ensemble concerts are subsidized and paid for by School of Music. Therefore, this service is available free-of-charge unless additional support like video or live-sound reinforcement is required.  Please refer to Room and Recital Scheduling for more information.  As a faculty performer or director fills out the Faculty Event Form they’ll be able to view the recording options available and associated fees (if any). An expansive archive of these recordings is available on campus through the Rita Benton Music Library and their online School of Music Recordings Archive

Non-Recital Recording Sessions

For School of Music student and faculty musicians interested in scheduling one or more recording sessions with support from recording studios’ staff, please refer to Room Usage and Scheduling Policies and complete the Room Request Form.  The Recital Hall VOX 2301 is the first and best choice for most recording sessions. Ad-hoc sessions are quite common for student audition and application submissions.  If you’re considering a more complex, multi-day recording project for commercial release, or a thesis project, please contact directly for a consultation.

DMA Thesis Recording Projects

Please refer to the D.M.A. Recording Project Manual and the Room Usage and Scheduling Policies for direction.  Maximum session time per thesis project is 24 hours + 24 hours post production. 

Recording Studio rates

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Office Location:  M250 VOX

Mailing Address: 
University of Iowa School of Music Recording Studios
93 E. Burlington St.
Iowa City, IA 52242

Campus Mail: M250 VOX

Music Production Manager:

James Edel

Audio Engineers:

Rod Hanze                                                               


Shu-min Alice Chang