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Room Usage and Scheduling Policies

Recurring Reservations
Non-recurring Reservations
Ad Hoc Reservations
Non-music Students, Clubs, and Others
Recital Hall
Concert Hall
Practice Rooms
Dissertation Defense Room Reservation
D.M.A. Thesis Recording Project Scheduling
Food and Drink

All rooms for general use are scheduled using the Room Request Form.

Recurring Reservations

The following groups may make semester-long reservations using the General Usage option for recurring or one-time events, in order of priority:

  • Courses
  • Seminars
  • Faculty Ensemble Rehearsals
  • Chamber Ensemble Coaching (with faculty member present, booked by faculty member in first two weeks of classes)
  • Chamber Ensemble Rehearsal (no faculty member present, booked by faculty member or a registered student on a list submitted by the faculty member in first two weeks of classes)
  • TA teaching a weekly lesson that conflicts with office mate
  • Student music organizations (Take Note, Voices of Soul, PMA, SAI)

Non-recurring reservations

The following groups may make a reservation using the General Usage option on a non-recurring basis for the next week:

  • TA teaching a make-up lesson
  • Multiple person rehearsal (two hours maximum)
  • Student rehearsal with a piano accompanist (two hours maximum)

All rooms for general use are scheduled using the Room Request form. Student room requests for the upcoming week are due by Monday morning at 8 a.m. They will be scheduled in the order received and the schedule for the following Tuesday through Monday will be programmed by 5 p.m.

Ad hoc reservations

If a room appears free on the Astra calendar, any music student or chamber music group may use the space until the next reserved time on Astra. If an individual or group does not arrive within 15 minutes of their reserved time, their rehearsal time is forfeited and the room is considered free.

Non-music students, clubs and others

Non-music students or groups desiring to use music classrooms and practice rooms must email  


If the rehearsal is cancelled or rescheduled, the room should be released for that day/time on Astra.


Course and seminar scheduling will be completed the prior Academic Year through the Scheduling Office. Chamber Ensemble coaching and rehearsal times must be scheduled within the first two weeks of the semester by the faculty member. All other requests will be handled on an ad hoc basis as explained above.

Recital Hall

The Recital Hall is reserved primarily for seminars and student recitals. Dress rehearsals for Student Recitals can be booked three weeks before the recital date. The Student Recital Hall can also be used for faculty events such as Masterclasses, Studio Recitals, Competitions and Clinics as long as it is reserved using the Student Recital Request Form. Faculty can reserve the Recital Hall for last minute reservations using the Room Request Form.  ONLY DEGREE RECITALS CAN BE BOOKED IN THE STUDENT RECITAL HALL DURING THE LAST THREE WEEKS OF CLASSES.

Concert Hall

The concert hall is reserved for faculty recitals, faculty guest recitals, and ensemble concerts. Students may not use the Concert Hall for rehearsals or recitals. Concert times are 3 pm and 7:30 pm for all faculty concerts.


Post-recital reception space is available in the student common area. The space is subject to first-come, first serve usage and may not be reserved. Students must ensure that that all trash is disposed of after the reception and the area is left clean. No food or drink is allowed in the recital halls and classrooms.

Practice rooms

Most practice rooms can be used on a first-come, first-served basis.

Special practice rooms, including Drum Set, Grand Piano, Harp, Harpsichord, Organ, Reed Room, and Smart Music are locked and are not open to the public.  Keys are required for these rooms and can be checked out at the main desk in the first floor lobby with a valid UI student ID and status as a current music student.

Dissertation Defense Room Reservation

Dissertation defenses are to be scheduled within the first five weeks of classes. Please include the name of the Primary Advisor, date, and time that the committee is free.

Many dissertation defenses are held in the conference rooms in the administrative suite.  A defense will be scheduled for two hours, and the reservation will include an additional half-hour for set-up and half-hour for discussion afterwards (3 hours total). For scheduling in the conference rooms, email

Email to reserve any other room. The reservation will be confirmed by email to the student, the advisor and the Academic Office.


Students can reserve up to 3 hours recording time in the Student Recital Hall per week, and no more than six hours per semester. If a student would like to request more than six hours per semester a faculty authorization with a hand-written signature must be submitted to the Scheduling Office. No recording bookings are allowed in the last five weeks and finals week of the semester. No outside recording engineers are allowed in the recording booth. To reserve for a recording, please use the room request form.

DMA Thesis Recording Project Scheduling

Recording session dates and times may be reserved when the Topic Approval form has collected all committee signatures and is received by the Recording Studios and Scheduling Office.

The Recording Studios are available for DMA Recording Project recording sessions during the following times of the year:

  • Finals Week of the Fall semester, during Winter Break, and the first three weeks of the Spring semester.
  • Finals Week of the Spring semester, during Summer Break, and the first three weeks of the Fall semester.

DMA Recording Project Recording Sessions typically take place in the School of Music Recital Hall.  The Concert Hall may also be used, subject to approval from the Recording Studio and Scheduling Office.

Recording Sessions in Voxman Music Building for the DMA Recording Project are reserved using the D.M.A. Recording Project Scheduling Form.  The maximum allowable Recording Session time available per project is 24 total hours

Food and Drink

No Food or Drink except bottled water is allowed in any classroom, practice room, chamber music rehearsal room or the Recital and Concert Hall.