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Application Procedures and Deadline

The application deadline for the graduate program is December 1. Start by filling out the online application and follow the directions and visiting the webpages on graduate admissions. Choral M.A. applicants will not write a thesis, but a D.M.A. applicant will, so please check the appropriate box when choosing the correct degree designation.

The choral area asks for the following additional materials by December 1st, 2021, which should be uploaded in the Supplemental Materials section of the application:

  1. A sample of your writing. This sample is often an academic paper, but can also include an published article, review, or program notes for a concert, preferably on a music topic.
  2. A resume/C.V. regarding your education and experience.
  3. A link to a video on YouTube or another platform accessible to the choral faculty. If the video is posted to a private account, please indicate how the choral faculty can gain access. This video should be at least 20 minutes long and consist of rehearsal footage with a clear straight-on view of the conductor. Performance footage may also be included, but the video must include the conductor rehearsing an ensemble. 

Once the graduate online application has been completed and the writing sample, resume/C.V. and the video link has been uploaded to the application, the choral faculty will then review the applications. Successful applicants will be notified and invited to campus by January 15, with interviews taking place in February through the beginning of March and notification of admission by April 1 at the very latest.

If you are not a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident you will need to fill out the application for International Students. Because you will need to obtain the proper visa for study in the United States, it is strongly recommended that you begin the process of applying as soon as possible.