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Recommended Courses

Recommended courses for students who are not majoring in music include:

MUS:1000 First Year Seminar 1 s.h
MUS:1001 Group Piano I: Non-Music 1 s.h.
MUS:1002 Group Piano II: Non-Music 1 s.h.
MUS:1007 Garage Band 2 s.h.
MUS:1009 Jazz Cultures in America and Abroad 3 s.h.
MUS:1010 Recital Attendance for Non-Majors 1 s.h.
MUS:1020 Performance Instruction for Non-Majors 1 s.h
MUS:1100 Fundamentals of Music for Non-Majors 3 s.h.
MUS:1301 Concepts and Contexts of Western Music 3 s.h.
MUS:1302 Great Musicians 3 s.h.
MUS:1303 History of Popular Music 3 s.h.
MUS:1310 World Music 3 s.h.
MUS:1720 History of Jazz 3 s.h.
MUS:1800 World of the Beatles 3 s.h.
MUS:2311 Music of Latin America and the Caribbean 3 s.h.

Group Piano I: Non-Music (MUS:1001) is available for nonmajors who wish to develop elementary performance skills for personal musical growth and enjoyment.

Participation in School of Music ensembles is open to all University students with the ensemble director's approval.

Applied music instruction is offered to nonmajors as instructors are available. Nonmajors interested in registering for MUS:1020 Performance Instruction for Non-Majors should consult music advisers.

For more information contact the Music Academic Office at (319) 335-1604, or