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Abigail Williams-Yee

Abigail Williams-Yee

From hobby to major

Abigail Williams-Yee, double bass

Class of 2021
Hometown: Burlington, Iowa
Major: Bachelor of Music in double bass, Bachelor of Arts in English and creative writing

  1. How did you get involved in music as a kid? When did you realize you wanted to pursue it in college?
    I initially became involved with music due to the other members in my family participating in school orchestra and band. While in the public school system, I did not take my musical pursuit very seriously. It was not until my first semester at Iowa in which I realized my passion and desire to pursue music in college.
  2. Why did you choose to attend the University of Iowa School of Music?
    Having been involved with music at the University of Iowa as more of a hobby within my first semester, I realized my interests truly lied with the arts and chose to go further with music in my educational pursuits.
  3. You’re halfway through your undergraduate studies. What challenges have you faced so far, and how have you overcome them?
    At the university level, school can often take a toll on the mental and physical health of a student. Studies can often take priority over these important aspects of a person’s wellbeing. It has been beneficial for me to ensure I stay balanced in allowing myself adequate time apart from studies to keep these aspects of my health in as good condition as I can.
  4. Describe a particularly meaningful experience you’ve had at UI.
    While at the University of Iowa I have gotten to know some awe-inspiring professors with intriguing and thought-provoking knowledge and experiences to share. Without having met these individuals I may not have been able to choose such fulfilling routes in my academia.
  5. What do you see yourself doing after graduation?
    Post undergraduate graduation, I plan on attending graduate school to receive my Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. Beyond those years, I aim to stay in academia and work at a university in creative writing.
  6. What is your favorite thing to do in Iowa City?
    Of the many things to do in Iowa City, my favorites include eating at Noodles and Company with friends, working out in the school’s gym, and participating in extracurricular activities with mentorship from professors, such as independent writing projects.

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