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Bennett Huang

Bennett Huang

Balancing two passions

Undergrad Bennet Huang wanted to pursue his love of playing cello and being a gymnast. Following his dreams, his collegiate journey led him to the University of Iowa where he could follow both of his passions. Read more to discover how Bennet balances a busy schedule while pursuing his dreams in the UI School of Music. 


Cello Music Performance

Palo Alto, CA

Activities involved in at the UI: 
University of Iowa Symphony Orchestra and University of Iowa Men's Gymnastics

One thing that would probably surprise you about me is….. : 
I originally wanted to become a violinist. 

Favorite quote: 
Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if everyday is your last. 

What first attracted you to the UI School of Music? 
The instructors and the amazing facilities that would support my music career impressed me. 

Who has had the greatest impact on your time at the UI School of Music? Why? 
My cello teacher Anthony Arnone. He has helped me expand my musical imagination and is always inspiring me in his teachings to continuously find ways to make my music more personal and alive.  

How do you find balance between your time with the School of Music and being part of the UI’s Men’s Gymnastics team? 
It can be difficult but I try to schedule out what I plan to achieve both in gymnastics and cello in the beginning of the day so I have clear mindset of the goals I need to achieve. 

How does your physical health requirements for gymnastics help you to play the cello? 
Doing gymnastics helps me be more aware of the small intrinsic muscles I use for cello especially since perfecting my skills in gymnastics requires a lot of focus on little details in my body shape. 

What advice would you give to students wanting to follow passions in different departments; such as you do with playing the cello and being a gymnast? 
Always keep a positive mindset. It is extremely hard to hone two different skills at a very high level all the time so don't be frustrated if something isn't going right. Also, make sure to always stay passionate and have fun with what you are doing.

What do you look forward to as you continue your time with the UI School of Music throughout your collegiate career?
I look forward to widening my exposure to all sorts of music and the experiences of performing.

Strings Faculty