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Kamal Talukder

Kamal Talukder

Preparing for Success

Kamal Talukder, of Glenview Illinois, is earning his B.M. in trumpet and teacher certification in music education.

“I love the freedom of expression and creativity I have as a School of Music student,” Kamal says. “We have so many resources, from technology to experienced faculty, that help us succeed in our educational and musical goals.”

One of Kamal’s post-graduation goals is to be a high school band director and to create a rich musical education for his own students. “I believe the School of Music is helping me prepare for this because of the variety of ensembles that I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of, as well as the performances I’m able to see.”

Why Iowa?

Why did he choose Iowa? “Because of the people,” he says. “I felt like I could be comfortable being myself and that there was support for my creative outlets. I think that no matter where someone comes from, they will find place for themselves in Iowa City and the University of Iowa.”

Learning to Shine

He remembers his first opportunity to shine in the School of Music. “Putting on my first full solo recital was a very meaningful experience,” he recalls. “I experience a significant amount of performance anxiety whenever I have to perform alone. My professors have helped me learn techniques to combat that anxiety, which really helped set me up for success for my recital as well as for future performances. When I finished my recital and greeted my friends and family, I was overcome with feelings of confidence and joy. Since that experience, I feel like I can pursue any musical endeavor I set my mind to.”

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