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Undergraduate Bassoon Auditions

UI Symphony Band bassoon section.Students are strongly encouraged to audition in person on the campus of The University of Iowa. For general information and to register for an audition, please see Undergraduate Auditions. A CD/DVD or Audio/Video files and links of an unedited performance may be submitted if a live audition is not possible.

  • One etude
  • One movement or solo piece from the standard repertory
  • One additional work in a contrasting style

Suggested undergraduate bassoon etude repertory:

  • Weissenborn, Advanced Studies; Milde, Scale and Chord Etudes Op. 25; Milde, Concert Etudes Op. 26, vol. 1; Slama 66 Studies

Suggested undergraduate bassoon solo repertoire:

  • Concertos by Vivaldi, Weber, Kozeluh, and David. Sonatas and solo pieces: Besozzi, Sonata in Bb; Bourdeau, Premier solo, Corelli, Sonata in D minor; Elgar, Romance; Galliard, Six Sonatas; Hindemith, Sonata; Pierne, Concertpiece Op. 35; Phillips, Concert Piece; and Telemann, Sonata in f minor.


For additional information, please contact Benjamin Coelho, professor of bassoon.