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Entrance Auditions
Degree Programs
International Students
Requirements after Acceptance
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University admission information: 
School of Music admission information:

Entrance Auditions

Do I need to apply to the University of Iowa before I schedule an audition? What are the application procedures?
Yes, prospective Music students must apply to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at The University of Iowa. You will apply to the University of Iowa online at For general UI admissions inquiries please contact the Office of Admissions.

Undergraduate applicants must submit the following items:

  • University of Iowa application
  • Application fee
  • Transcripts
  • Test score(s)
  • School of Music supplemental application (This will be available after you have been accepted to the University of Iowa.)
  • Letter of recommendation

What are the application deadlines for the University of Iowa?
Please see the following website for University of Iowa application information:

What are the application deadlines for the School of Music?
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis; but, for optimal scholarship consideration, for undergraduate admission you must apply by February 1.

What academic requirements must I meet to be accepted into the School of Music?
Admission is based on:

  • High school class rank or college transfer GPA
  • ACT/SAT results or a combination of high school/college records and standardized test scores
  • Completion of high school unit requirements (depending on the college)

Should I schedule an interview with the School of Music?
No, an interview is not required for admission into any School of Music programs.

Can I transfer into the University of Iowa School of Music from a different university or college?
Yes. Students will meet with a music advisor to discuss transfer credits and course registration during summer orientation. In addition, transfer students on a scholarship at their current school must submit a Transfer Release Form.

Transfer students admitted into the School of Music must complete a minimum of one year of applied music (lower- or upper-level) and one year of major ensemble at the University of Iowa in order to earn a degree in music.

For more detailed information on the transfer application process, please see

Does the School of Music offer spring admission?
Yes, students may enter either fall or spring semester.

When will I know if I have been accepted at the University of Iowa?
Please see the following website for information on acceptance policy:

Are there scholarships available?
Yes, all prospective undergraduate music majors are considered for scholarships at the time of the audition. For scholarship consideration, students should audition before the end of February. Results of this audition are used to determine performance-based merit scholarships offered by the school.

The School of Music offers numerous competitive scholarships to those who demonstrate exceptional talent in his or her chosen area. These awards are determined by audition and generally renewable for four years if students meet specific academic and performance criteria. For more information and a listing of available scholarships refer to

Entrance Auditions

Do I need to audition?
Yes, every Music student is required to audition. Students who plan to major in music must be admitted to the University of Iowa and be accepted into a performance area through audition either in person or by recording, including those interested in majoring in Composition, Music Education, or Music Therapy.  For further audition information, please visit Undergraduate Auditions.

When and where are the auditions?
The School of Music hosts annual Audition Days, with auditions scheduled throughout the day. For audition dates and times, see Undergraduate Auditions. Please visit the individual page for your program of interest to find out more about audition requirements.

Are there other activities planned around audition days?
Yes, the audition day is an open house. The day includes a meet-and-greet session with the associate director for undergraduate studies, options to attend/visit classes and ensembles, building tours, and informational sessions with music education and music therapy faculty. 

How do I sign up for an audition?
Register for an audition here>>

Can I send in an audition DVD and/or CD in lieu of a live audition?
Yes, and requirements are listed under Areas and Degrees.

May I change my audition day once I am scheduled?
Yes, please contact your faculty to make any changes.

How do I prepare for my audition? What should I bring?
Audition requirements are listed under Areas and Degrees. Speak with a faculty member about specific information regarding preparation.

Do I need to sign up for a practice room before my audition?
No, practice rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Will I need a music recommendation to be able to schedule an audition?
One recommendation letter is required. This can either be sent before or brought to the audition.

Do I need an accompanist for my audition?
Accompanists will be provided for vocal auditions.

How early do I have to be there for my audition?
Please come at least 15-20 minutes prior to your audition to warm up.

When will I know if I have been accepted into the School of Music?
You will receive notification of your admission status in early March.

Can I get feedback on the audition?
Yes, feedback can be obtained by contacting the auditioning faculty.

Can I request a specific faculty member I would like to study with if I am accepted?
Yes, you can indicate a preference before and after auditions. If a program only provides one faculty member, you will be required to study with him/her.

I would like to visit the School of Music before I register for my audition. Is that possible?
Yes, come by and visit us. Please contact the University of Iowa Admissions Visitor’s Center at (319) 335-1566 to make arrangements. You can observe classes and meet with professors and students.

May I take a trial lesson from faculty?
This depends on individual faculty preference. Most faculty are more than happy to schedule a trial lesson.

Degree Programs

What degrees are offered through the School of Music?
The school offers a Bachelor of Music, a Bachelor of Arts, and a minor in music. The B.M. program offers concentration in composition, music therapy, jazz studies, and performance. Professional certifications in music education and music therapy are available only through the B.M.

How can I earn k-12 music licensure?
Candidates interested in the music k-12 teacher licensure should apply to the teacher education program after their freshman year. Select students may be eligible for direct admission in their first year. Please contact Mary Cohen, music education area head, for more details.

Can I pursue Honors in music?
Exceptional music majors who are members of the University of Iowa Honors Program and maintain a music grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.80 may enroll in the School of Music’s honors program. Honors students with junior or senior standing and a music GPA of at least 3.80 may undertake work leading to the bachelor’s degree with honors. More information>>

Can I pursue degrees in two different disciplines at the same time?
Students can only pursue one degree in the School of Music at one time. If a student has fulfilled music requirements for more than one area, the degree will only reflect one area, but the degree audit will show all courses taken at the University of Iowa. Music students are welcome to pursue double majors outside the School of Music.  The complete procedures and policies for earning more than one degree may be found at

When will I know who will be my teacher?
You should speak with a faculty member for answers to your specific studio questions.

International Students

For information on admissions, please see:

For information on scholarship eligibility, please see:


What different ensembles are there?
Click here for a complete list of ensembles.

How do I audition for School of Music Ensembles?
Auditions for ensembles are held the first week of fall semester. Students interested in auditioning should refer to Ensemble Auditions.

Can I join an ensemble if I am a non-major?
Yes! We have a wide range of ensembles open to all University students, and even more with the ensemble director's approval. Click here for more information about music opportunities for non-majors.

Requirements after Acceptance

What exams am I required to take upon my acceptance?
You will be required to complete a theory placement exam and a piano proficiency exam to determine appropriate placement in related courses.  Students are also required to attend an orientation session held the day before fall classes begin.

When are exams and new student orientation?
Information concerning exams and orientation is sent to students in late May.

If I am a transfer student, will any of the classes I have taken count toward my degree at The University of Iowa?
Yes, Students will be notified of transfer credit and will be advised as to what courses to take their first semester at Iowa. In addition, transfer students on a scholarship at their current school must submit a Transfer Release Form.

Transfer students admitted into the School of Music must complete a minimum of one year of applied music (lower- or upper-level) and one year of major ensemble at the University of Iowa in order to earn a degree in music.

 Information about Iowa City and the UI Campus

What options are available for housing?
Please see

What is the weather like in Iowa City?
The average temperatures in Iowa City are as follows:

  • January: 13 to 30 F
  • April: 41 to 63 F
  • July: 66 to 88 F
  • October: 44 to 66 F
  • Annual precipitation: 37.2 inches

General Information about the School of Music

Where is the School of Music located?
The School of Music is located throughout the downtown area. For specific information visit:

How big is the School of Music?
The School of Music consists of approximately 215 graduate students, 235 undergraduate students and another 710 non-majors participating in lessons, ensembles, and classes. The school employs 60 Faculty members and 82 TAs and 11 RAs.

What is the student to faculty ratio in the School of Music?
The ratio is 9:1.

How many performance opportunities are there for undergraduates?
There are over 35 performing ensembles at the University of Iowa. From the 250-piece Hawkeye Marching Band to intimate chamber groups, the UI School of Music has performing ensembles for musicians of all abilities.

Do I need to sign up for a practice room?
Practice rooms are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where do I store my percussion, harp, tuba, or double bass?
The School of Music maintains lockers for all Music students. More information>>

Is The University of Iowa on the semester or quarter system?
The University of Iowa uses the semester system.

Contact Information

If I still have questions, who should I contact?
Please contact the Academic Office at (319) 335-1604,, or at the address below:

School of Music
93 E Burlington St
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242-1795