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FY18 DPA Business Office Updates

FY18 DPA Business Services

Guest Artists – DPA Direct billing at local hotels


Iowa House Reservations:
Phone:  319 335 3513
Reservation # 1865
Mention that you would like the Performing Arts rate.  Make sure to Email Kim Smith  to notify her of your reservation and funding.

Hilton Gardens:
Phone:  319 248 6100 or email Lindsay Ash   Notify the hotel if you do not receive an email confirmation within two days to confirm reservation has been made.
Account is Performing Arts


How to use the above accounts

When making the above reservations ask for room and taxes  (Hilton does NOT charge taxes) only to be direct billed. Make sure appropriate funding is secured before making the reservation. Expenses other than room and tax (i.e., meals, etc) may become your responsibility if they show up on the invoice. Invoices will be sent directly to the DPA Business Office in VOX by the hotel. At the time of making the reservation contact Kim Smith to provide details of the reservation along with funding source to be used.

Faculty or Guest Travel Options

  1. Meacham Travel: Call 319 351 1360 ( and make reservations.  If your funding covers the entire cost of the airfare, ask for the airfare to be charged to Kim Smith’s Department credit card.  Meacham will obtain Kim’s approval before charging her card.  Send an email to Kim providing the funding source you want to use.
  2. Use a department department pcard if available.
  3. Pay using your personal credit card and submit receipts for reimbursement after your trip to Kelly Riessen (Music or Dance) or Annette Niebuhr (Theatre or PAPU).

ProTrav Trip in Self-Service

Trips are required to be submitted and approved in Self-Service prior to departure of your trip.  You can get access by logging into self-service and clicking on the ‘Create New Trip’ under the ‘Travel’ section. Link to setting up a trip instructions:

Link to travel policies, preferred car rental agencies, meal reimbursement rates, international travel, etc:

In the funding section if your trip, select the box that says “no department funding” and you will not be required to fill out any account information.  The DPA Business Office will fill out this information when the form is submitted.

Purchases with other supply vendors: 

 Amazon or other online vendors: If you do not have access to a pcard, send direct link of item you want to purchase to Kim Smith or Kelly Riessen (Dance, Music or DPA) or uss-niebuhr for Theatre and PAPU orders.  Include in your email the funding source. 

Payment of Invoices

Send invoice to Kelly Riessen (Music, Dance, or DPA) or Annette Niebuhr (Theatre or PAPU) along with funding source. 

Funding Questions

Please contact Lisa Krause when requesting fund balance information or expense reports.