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The Simrock Dynasty

Cover, The Simrock Dynasty


The unique collection of the influential German music publishing dynasty, whose uncanny intuition promoted many of the most important composers of the 19th century, immortalizing them forever....

The whole western world was in upheaval: In Prussia the first steam engine was set in motion, the Americans wrote their own constitution, the French stormed the Bastille and started a revolution, Rouget composed the Marseillaise. Cultural life, as well, was at full steam: Goethe and Schiller became acquainted, Mozart wrote his great operas «Cosi fan tutte» and «The Magic Flute», Beethoven was developing under Haydn's tutelage. At this moment - it was the turning point from the 18th to the 19th century - people spoke of «Enlightenment», of «an end of self-induced mental inferiority» (Kant), and proved to themselves and posteriority that they possessed an exceptional degree of intellectual maturity and culture. During this epoch the world saw the birth of the Simrock enterprise, a name which would leave its mark on the German and European music world for more than four generations. If the names of musical geniuses have become so popular, if their music enjoys great respect and admiration, if their works are performed in countless places and their scores are to be found in musical households everywhere - this is all singularly due to the publisher...