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Information for Students and Parents

Instructor Assignments

Students are assigned to instructors by the program administrator after the lesson registration form has been submitted.  Assignments are made based on student age, playing level, goals, and instructor availability and experience.  Typically assignments are made within a week of registration but can take longer if an instructor for the instrument requested is not currently available.

General Instructor Responsibilities

Scheduling of lessons is handled by the instructor and student or parent. Instructors are expected to meet students at the arranged lesson time and deliver quality instruction. 

The lesson program follows the University academic calendar.  Instructors are not required to teach lessons during academic breaks but may do so at their own discretion.

Community Music Lesson (CML) instructors are expected to maintain active communication and contact with students and parents. All instructors are required to use their mail address for all electronic communication with students and families and provide current contact information for use in case of emergency.


All UI Community Music Lessons will be taught in Voxman Music Building, 93 East Burlington St. Iowa City, Iowa 52242.

Makeup Lessons

Students are not normally allowed to reschedule lessons except in the case of illness or emergency. Students who need to reschedule due to illness or emergency should contact their instructor as soon as the need for rescheduling becomes evident. Conflicts due to religious holidays should be resolved on an individual basis by instructor and student. If instructors need to reschedule a lesson, they are responsible for contacting the student and making arrangements well in advance of the lesson. If your instructor cancels due to illness or emergency, it is the instructor’s responsibility to contact the student and schedule a makeup lesson promptly.


All payments should be made to The University of Iowa through the online portal or in person at 1400 Voxman. Do not make payments directly to your instructor.

Lesson rates range from $48-72/hour; lesson rates are pro-rated for 30- and 45-minute lessons.

Students must start lessons within the term they have signed up for (spring/summer/fall).  Partial lesson packages may be honored for future terms only at the discretion of the instructor/program administrator.  Students who do not respond when contacted by the instructor to schedule lessons will forfeit their lesson package and must submit a new registration and payment.

Practice Room Policy

General practice rooms are available to community music students on a space-available basis. Specialty practice rooms—organ, grand piano, drum set, etc, are only available for registered University of Iowa students.

Parent Involvement

A parent or guardian must be present for lessons taught with students under the age of 18. Parents are encouraged to attend the lesson or may remain in the hallway in close proximity to the studio where the lesson is taking place. Parents who opt not to attend the lessons are required to sign a waiver form.  Once completed, return this form to your instructor.

Please note that TEACHING PRIVATELY WITHIN THE FACILITIES OF THE SCHOOL OF MUSIC OUTSIDE THE COMMUNITY MUSIC LESSON PROGRAM VIOLATES UNIVERSITY POLICY. All community music lessons should be registered and paid for through the online portal or in person at Voxman. This is the only way to ensure that you are taking lessons with a qualified instructor who has been approved by The University of Iowa School of Music.  If you have questions about any of the program’s policies or procedures, please contact the School of Music at 319-335-1603.