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Class Schedule


DAY 1- May 30, 2018

Arrival and Registration
12-1pm VOXMAN Reception area
1:00 Class Welcome and Introduction- All Participants- VOXMAN RECITAL HALL
1:30-3:30pm- Participant Mock Orchestral Audition VOXMAN 2400
4- 5:30pm- Entrepreneurship Workshop- Fluter Scooter and Kaori Fujii
6pm- Opening Reception – Student Commons
7pm- Recital- Nicole Esposito - Voxman Concert Hall

DAY 2 –MAY 31, 2018

8:30-9:20am Body Mapping with Rena Urso - VOXMAN 2400
9:30-12pm Master Class: Esposito- “Meaning, Mastery and Ownership” -VOXMAN RECITAL HALL
1-2:00pm Exhibits- VOXMAN 2400
2:00- 4:30pm Master Class: Flute Repertoire with Piano- Nicole Esposito- VOXMAN RECITAL HALL
5-6pm- Workshop- Kaori Fujii
7pm Recital –Flute Scooter/ Rena Urso / Michel Bellavance/ Tim Carey- VOXMAN RECITAL HALL

DAY 3- June 1, 2018

8:30- 9:20am Body Mapping with Rena Urso - VOXMAN 2400
9:30-12pm Master Class- Flute Alone Repertoire- Michel Bellavance – VOXMAN RECITAL HALL
1-2:00 Exhibits - VOXMAN 2400
2:00-4:30 Master Class: Flute and Piano Repertoire – Julien Beaudiment- VOXMAN RECITAL HALL
5-6pm- Workshop: Adam Workman/Flutistry Boston – VOXMAN RECITAL HALL
7pm Recital – Kaori Fujii/ Julien Beaudiment / Tim Carey – VOXMAN RECITAL HALL

DAY 4- June 2, 2018

8:30- 9:20am Body Mapping with Rena Urso– VOXMAN 2400
9:30-12 Master Class: Julien Beaudiment- Orchestral and Opera Excerpts- VOXMAN RECITAL HALL
12:30-1:30 Exhibits- VOXMAN 2400
1:45-4:15 Master Class: Michel Bellavance Flute and Piano Repertoire – VOXMAN RECITAL HALL
6:00 pm GALA RECITAL, Nicole Esposito, Michel Bellavance, Rena Urso, Julien Beaudiment, Kaori Fujii, Fluter Scooter, flutes and Tim Carey, piano - VOXMAN CONCERT HALL

*Subject to Change