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Iowa Percussion Spectacular: Legacy!

Saturday, April 10, 2021 - 3:00pm
Concert Hall
Voxman Music Building

Percussion Ensemble

This concert will be livestreamed here>>

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American Biomes (2021) — Jamie Wind Whitmarsh (b. 1988)
I.       Tundra-struck: icy textures with vast expansive sound sources; loneliness and awe
II.      Desert Shifts: dry desert-like sounds with perpetual motion
III.     Prairie Nocturne: dark, contrapuntal
IV.     Deciduous Interlude (Fauna):  bursts of color; the forest is alive
V.      Cat O’ Nine-Tails and the Nutrient Water: groove, Southern rock, swampy and murky
VI.    Heartland (1202021): gentle, earnest, and sweet
VII.   Coastal Passacaglia: aggressive waves of sound
VIII.  Alpine Shadows: the ardor of climbing a mountain juxtaposed with the awe of the view
IX.    Coniferous Interlude (Flora): dry, the leaves and bugs are rustling
X.     Suburban Sprawl: continuously building out and expanding

Performed without pause