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Digital Signage Policy

The School of Music’s digital displays are a resource to share information and promote programs and events in music.

Overall Guidelines

  • Digital signage is designed to promote University colleges, departments, and units, or appropriate programs, events, or activities sponsored by the UI entities. Messages must appeal to the entire school, rather than targeted segments.
  • Digital signage will not be used to promote commercial activities or advertisements from non-University organizations.
  • Messages that invite public participation in programs must include the University’s Accessibility Statement.
  • Messages shall not use copyrighted images or content without permission or license.
  • Messages should include the University’s official logo and wordmark, as well as follow other UI Graphic Identity System guidelines. Internal departmental slides do not need to include all logos and wordmarks, but where the University is referenced, their respective graphic identity system guidelines should be followed.
  • No messages are allowed that contain information that may violate FERPA or other privacy policies. (For example, no birthday notices.)
  • Profanity, nudity, or other possibly offensive language or images should be avoided, unless part of the title of an event or critical to convey the main idea of the event. The suitability of all messages are subject to approval and/or editing by School of Music marketing.
  • Marketing will make the final determination as to whether and/or when submitted slides or messages will be shown on the displays.

ADA Requirements

To comply with ADA standards for accessible design, each college/department is responsible for meeting these standards when mounting their displays. Please view the document ADA Standards for Accessible Displays for information related to The Americas with Disabilities Act Requirements related to wall mounting a display. 

Procedures for Submitting Slides or Messages:

All slides or messages should be submitted at least one week in advance of when the slide is to be run. It is recommended that you contact the appropriate digital signage staff person as soon as you know you want to run a slide, in order to assure that appropriate deadlines are set and observed.

Style, Content, and Design Guidelines

Overall Guidelines

  • Size: Each display is different. Check with the digital signage staff member responsible for the display you wish to utilize. Music, theatre, and dance slides are 1920x1200 pixels.
  • Font: Large, simple fonts with high contrast are the most readable
  • Word Count: Limit text to enhance readability. Use bullets instead of sentences. Make sure that your slide can convey your message in only 10 seconds.
  • File type: jpg or png
  • Margins: Keep some margin and do not let text run to the edge/border
  • Accessibility Statement: Any event inviting audience members should include the University’s Accessibility Statement, which is available at:  
  • UI logos and graphics: University and CLAS logos/graphics must adhere to their respective Graphic Identity System guidelines, see:  
  • Do not use images or graphics you do not have the right(s) to display.