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School of Music Letterhead Template

Download Templates

Both are Microsoft Word templates, formatted for use with PC and Mac.



Saving the templates

Please save both files onto your computer and into the template gallery in Microsoft Word. The template gallery is a folder called “Templates.” To find it, open the Microsoft Word application folder, or try C:\Documents and Settings\[a folder specific to your computer-possibly named your computer’s name]\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates.

If you have Microsoft Word 2013, rename the extension from .dot to.dotx or .dotm.

For Windows 7 users, you will first want to open a window, click on “Organize” then “Folder and Search Options” then “View” and then select the “Show hidden files, folders and drives” button, if it is not already selected.  Then you will be able to go to C:\users\[hawkid]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates, which is where these and all of your other Microsoft Word templates should reside.

Which version to use:  Your printer will determine which of the attached versions you use. If it is a PostScript printer, use the file with the letters “.eps” in the name. If it is a non-PostScript printer, use the file with the letters “.jpg” in the name. If you are not sure what type of printer it is, try the .eps file first.

The graphics in the .eps file will appear gray and a bit unclear but will print correctly on a PostScript printer. If they do not, you probably have a non-PostScript printer. Try using the .jpg file, which should print noticeably better. The PostScript-.eps combination produces the best quality and is the preferred method.

Type and page format:  The text is set up for 12-point Times. You may change the type size and font, and increase the top margin by adding returns if you wish. The University’s identity system specifies that the text be aligned flush left.

Color:  The gold color in these files is Pantone 115, also specified by the University’s identity system. Because printers vary considerably, your output may not match the designated color. Color prints of this e-letterhead should be for internal use only.

The color in these files will convert automatically to grayscale when printed on a black-and-white printer. To print grayscale on a color printer, select the “Black-and-White” color option from the Paper/Quality tab under the Properties button in the Print dialog box.


Contact your departmental IT staff person or the ITS Help Desk should you need help using the e-letterhead template.