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Student Recital Programs

Students are responsible for creating and duplicating their own programs for degree and optional recitals. The preferred program format is listed with this sheet. Extreme deviations from this model may result in the loss of credit for that recital. Students who do not have access to a computer may use the computer lab in 1351 VOX; hours are posted on a sign on the computer lab door. Programs may be duplicated at any campus copy center or at a local business. You are responsible for the cost of your programs. Do not use the School of Music copier for duplicating programs. It is your responsibility to deliver at least one copy of your program to each member of your committee, one copy with accurate timings to the Recording Studios (if you are using School of Music recording services) and four copies of your program to the School of Music Main Office in 1400 VOX.

Program Style

View a sample program.

Margins are 3/4-inch top margin, one-inch side margins, and no less than 1/2-inch for the bottom margin. Avoid using the back when possible. Titles of pieces are justified to the left and composers’ names and dates are justified to the right. Subtitles are indented approximately 1/4-inch and movements are indented approximately 1/2-inch beneath the title. All foreign words are printed in italics whether in titles or in movement titles with the exception of liturgical Latin which is printed in regular type. Major works like Messiah or Don Giovanni should be italicized. Please have your instructor and committee members proofread your program prior to printing. Use upper and lower cases as indicated on the sample; never print titles of pieces in all upper case letters.

Degree Statement

A degree statement must be printed according to department standards. Use this model:

This program is being presented by [your full name followed by one of the following three statements]

  1. as a qualifying recital for admission to the curriculum of the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Performance and Pedagogy.
  2. in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the [add one of the following]
    —Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Performance and Pedagogy.
    —Master of Fine Arts degree in Music.
    —Master of Arts degree in Music.
    —Bachelor of Music degree (or Bachelor of Arts degree in Music).
    —designation Honors in Music with the Bachelor of Music (or Bachelor of Arts in Music) degree in the College of Liberal Arts.
  3. as an optional recital.