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Room and Recital Scheduling

Recital Scheduling

  1. Before scheduling an event, faculty should check availability on the Astra calendar. To view Astra, faculty should be on campus or access their work computer using remote access.
       --Click here for Astra calendar viewing instructions
       --Viewing Astra from off-campus requires VPN access. Click here for instructions.
  2. To schedule a faculty recital or event, use the Faculty Event Form
  3. Events will not be scheduled in person, by email or over the phone. Requests will be processed in order that they are received.
  4. Please review Recital Scheduling Policies for deadlines, time slots available for faculty events and dress rehearsals. Faculty events include Faculty Recitals, Guest Recitals, Ensemble Concerts, Chamber Recitals and Lecture-Concerts. Master classes and Studio Recitals must be scheduled during Student Recital Times using the Student Recital form, or during the studio seminar time. Student Recital Form

Room and Event Scheduling

  1. Please review room scheduling policies
  2. For recurring rehearsals or ad hoc room reservations, please use the Room Request Form.
  3. For multi-day conferences and clinics, please use the Multiday Event Form.

Please note:

  • All Faculty Events must be at 3 pm or 7:30 pm. 
  • Confirmation: A confirmation email for the event will be sent to the sponsoring faculty member as soon as it has been scheduled.
  • Additional spaces: If the event requires additional rooms or a reception space, please indicate that on the event request form under “Additional Spaces.”
  • Studio Recitals should be scheduled as a “Student Recital.” Please see Recital Scheduling Policies for times available for Student Recitals. These should be scheduled in the Recital Hall prior to the last three weeks of classes.  To cancel a studio recital complete the Recital Cancellation Form.
  • Cancellations: Please complete the Faculty Event Cancellation/Rescheduling Form to cancel an event so that it can be removed from all calendars. 


Please email if you need further assistance.