Grading System

Advanced degree credit is given for grades of A, B, C, and S (satisfactory). No credit is given for D, F, I (incomplete), W (withdrawn), R (registered), and U (unsatisfactory). Plus (+) and minus (-) grades are also assigned. The grade of I may be used only when a student's work cannot be completed due to illness, accident, or other circumstances beyond the student's control. The I grade must be removed within the first session of registration after the closing date of the session for which it is given; otherwise it becomes an F. Summer sessions are not counted as a full session. The deadlines for removal of a grade of I are given in the University Schedule of Courses. Grades of S and U may be used for specialized registrations such as Thesis, Research, Independent Study, and Special Projects. Neither S nor U is used in computing grade-point averages. The R grade indicates that a student registered for zero credit and attended as an auditor throughout a course.

See the Graduate College Manual of Rules and Regulations, section VI, "Marking System" for further information.