Dear Iowa School of Music community,

Life is full of surprises. 

Over and over again, I am surprised and delighted by the creativity, scholarship, and achievements of our students and faculty—not because I don’t expect it but because they continue to exceed expectations and stretch the boundaries of what excellence looks like. Here in the Iowa School of Music, we keep striving to be the best musicians and humans we can be, and it’s a joy to lead this school because of that mindset.

When we talk about “Composing Futures,” we’re looking at the bright futures of everyone in the School of Music family. That includes you! 

From the K-12 students in our enrichment programs who may be dreaming of a future at Iowa, to current students building their diverse career paths, to our talented alumni who have gone on to become teachers, performers, composers, conductors—or even physicians and engineers—we are committed to supporting you as you build your life and career.

Beautiful, unexpected opportunities will arise. Inspiration will strike and new ideas will be turned into successful ventures and stunning works of art. We are here to collaborate with you as fellow artists, nurture your growth, and amplify your triumphs.

We all will face challenges, and we won’t always see them coming. Here in the Iowa School of Music, we face them together. 

In this community, we commit ourselves to overcoming adversity, approaching problems with creative solutions and care for one another, and maintaining our laser focus on student success. 

There are many ways to share your challenges and successes with us, and many people and resources (scroll down for some examples) dedicated to composing your future. Reach out any time!

Portrait of Tammie Walker

Tammie Walker

School of Music Director
Professor of Piano