The policies and procedures on this page, together with the official current General Catalog of the University should provide clear guidelines concerning all aspects of undergraduate study.

Graduate Student Policies and Procedures

It is the responsibility of each graduate student to be informed about the policies and procedures of the School of Music undergraduate program and the regulations of The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Please see the CLAS Academic Handbook Policies.  Undergraduate students are expected to:

  • Consult with their principal adviser concerning course schedules prior to all registration periods.
  • Select faculty committees for recital(s) in consultation with their principal advisor. Students are expected to contact faculty personally and obtain signatures confirming faculty availability for committee responsibilities.
  • Be aware of the School of Music deadlines and degree completion requirements
  • Consult with the Director for Undergraduate Studies as necessary for guidance on degree programs and/or other details relative to graduation requirements

All students should consult their advisor prior to the beginning of each pre-registration period. Applied students (performance, conducting, composition) should consult their major professor. Musicology, Theory, Music Education, and Music Therapy students should consult their assigned area advisor. Contact Mei-Mey Segura for questions.

To schedule a recital, see Recital Scheduling for the required forms and procedures.

Students are responsible for creating and duplicating their own programs for all recitals. The programs must be prepared according to the style instructions stipulated in the Appendix. Extreme deviations from this style may result in the loss of credit for that recital. Programs may be duplicated at any campus copy center or at a local commercial printer. Here is the Student Recital Program Template.

Students are responsible for finding someone to distribute the programs at their recital. In addition, it is the student's responsibility to deliver at least one copy of the program to each member of their committee.

One program copy must be submitted to Mae Crooks and it may be placed in her mailbox in the School of Music mailroom.

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