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D.M.A. Secondary Area Option form

The Secondary Area of Music option of the D.M.A. program is an opportunity for students to individualize their course of study according to their strengths, personal interests, and career aspirations. The Secondary Area will enhance their viability in the job market and broaden the student’s professional profile and competence.

The student, the major advisor, and a professor from the secondary area will define this individualized component of the DMA course of study by the end of the first year of study. This contract listing the required coursework or other specific outcomes will be filed with the student’s records in the Academic Office. The required coursework will include a minimum of six semester hours. These hours may not include any courses required to fulfill other degree requirements. The student’s Comprehensive Examination committee will include a secondary area advisor, who will provide questions pertaining to the secondary area.

Possible secondary areas include conducting, music education, jazz studies, theory, music history, or a secondary applied area. Secondary areas may not be specialized areas of the primary performance/pedagogy or conducting area.

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