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Graduate Transfer Credit Policy

Graduate courses taken at other accredited colleges and universities may be transferred and applied toward degree requirements at The University of Iowa, pending approval. For D.M.A. students, the maximum number of core academic courses that may be transferred is five: one bibliography/research course (equivalent to Introduction to Graduate Study in Music MUS:5300), two music history courses (only one of which can be equivalent to a 4000-level course), and two theory courses. Courses equivalent to those required due to the results of the Graduate Advisory Examinations are not considered for transfer credit. For example, if a student is required to take MUS:5200 Review of Undergraduate Theory as a result of the Music Theory Advisory Exam, a course of similar content taken at another institution will not be considered for transfer credit. Other courses specific to area requirements (i.e. literature and pedagogy courses) may be submitted for evaluation, as well. Transfer credit requests for Ph.D. students will be evaluated on an individual basis.

The student makes a formal request for transfer credit to the Director for Graduate Studies by submitting, to the Academic Office (1400J VOX) or by email, a completed Request for Graduate Transfer Credit form and supporting materials, including a syllabus for the course, any written papers for the course, a transcript which indicates the final grade for the course, exams which seem pertinent to the materials covered in the course, and other materials of significance. Send one email per each indivdual course request.  All requests are to be submitted from the individual student and no recommendations from individual faculty members on behalf of a particular student will be accepted.

School of Music does not accept transfer credits for applied lessons or enembles from any institution; this includes students that continue their University of Iowa education from M.A. to D.M.A. 

The Director of Graduate Studies will consult with a designated faculty member in the area, and will receive a recommendation in writing from the area or area head regarding the requested transfer credit. The Director of Graduate Studies will then determine an outcome based on the recommendation from the area. Students will be notified of the results by an emailed letter.

To facilitate registration scheduling, students are urged to request transfer credit in the first semester of enrollment in the graduate program. It is the responsibility of the student to be an advocate for their academic file while at the University of Iowa and to be cognizant of particular academic course requirements that pertain to their individual degree programs.