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Post-Comprehensive Registration

In order to maintain continuous registration, doctoral students may register (1) for required and/or elective courses, research, and thesis hours to complete the plan of study, or (2) for Doctoral Continuous Registration (DCR). DCR requires a 1 s.h. tuition/fee payment. If a temporary lapse in a student's academic program is required due to military service, medical leave, maternity leave, or personal/family leave, a student may petition the Graduate College to be allowed to register for Ph.D. Postcomprehensive Registration (PCR), which allows for the assessment of a special minimum fee. If a petition is granted, it is to be understood that a student will not make significant use of university resources, or engage in significant consultation with the faculty. In the final semester, doctoral students may register for Doctoral Final Registration (DFR), which requires a 1 s. h. tuition/fee payment, or appropriate course work. The DFR may be repeated if the degree requirements are not completed in this session.