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Musicology M.A., Ph.D.

Music manuscriptPart of both a comprehensive School of Music and a research university, the musicology program provides students with access to exemplary research and teaching resources, performance opportunities, and an internationally renowned literary scene. Musicology students meet weekly with faculty and colleagues to share research, host scholars, and discuss recent publications. Through these gatherings graduate students partake in a vibrant community committed to furthering musicological research and learning.

Faculty research embraces a wide range of topics with a particular emphasis on American music, including women in musical life, Hollywood film music, jazz in New Orleans, and online musical communities, among others. In addition to completing a rigorous coursework regime, students develop professional skills through conference presentations and TA assignments in Western art music, world music, and popular music courses.

Additional support for research travel and professional development is available to Ph.D. students through the Michael J. Budds Scholarship for Doctoral Study in Musicology. Requests for funds may be made by sending the area head a short description of the project and a tentative budget. 

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Contact Information

Please contact Professor Nathan Platte at 319-335-1620 or for more information.