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Percussion M.A., D.M.A.

Iowa Percussion

Graduate Percussion Auditions

The purpose of the graduate audition is to demonstrate your musical interests and abilities. Be sure to choose repertoire that is meaningful to you, distinguishes you as a musician, and represents your personal musical style. Graduate study in percussion at The University of Iowa is designed to help you find and/or develop your unique musical voice, to become a curious musical scholar, and to find your place in the modern musical landscape.

Auditioning for the Graduate Program in Percussion at The University requires a pre-screening of candidates. Prospective graduate students should be in touch with Dr. Dan Moore prior to submitting links to pre-screening videos.

At a minimum, the pre-screen should include three (3) examples of mallet performances in contrasting styles (including both 2- and 4-mallet works), concert snare drum, and multi-percussion. Other desirable components include examples of chamber music, jazz, and world music performances as well as examples of conducting/coaching of ensembles, original compositions/arrangements, or examples of writing for marching percussion.

After passing the pre-screen, prospective graduate students are advised to come to campus for a live performance audition and interview. Prospective Teaching Assistants must interview in person. 

Live auditions should include performances from the pre-screen videos as well as at least one work not included in the pre-screening. Orchestral Excerpts are not required for pre-screening or on-campus auditions.


For more information on the Percussion Program at The University of Iowa, please contact Dr. Dan Moore, (319) 335-1632 or