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Graduate Clarinet Auditions

Clarinet section performs at a UI Symphony Band concert.

**All auditions for Fall 2021 admission will be conducted virtually**

Graduate auditions should be submitted by January 4, 2021 via video links in the Music Supplemental Application. It is not possible to edit audition links after uploading. 

Audition should include:

  1. 1 video with 4 Major Scales (with two or more sharps or flats)
  2. 1 video with 2 natural minors, 2 harmonic minors, and 2 melodic minors (with two or more sharps or flats)
  3. 1 video with the exposition of the Mozart's clarinet Concerto in A Major k.622 (with or without piano accompaniment) 
  4. 2 videos of contrasting movements or unaccompanied pieces fromt he standard repertoire for the clarinet (with or without piano accompaniment)
  5. 1 video with 4 standard orchestral excerpts 

Auditionees should submit 6 videos maximum (5 minimum if the solo piece has slow and fast episodes). 


For additional information, please contact Professor Jorge Montilla Moreno.