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Graduate Trumpet Auditions


Trumpet section during a band concert.

**All auditions for fall 2021 admission will be conducted virtually**

Graduate applicants should submit video auditions containing 15-30 minutes of music.  Submissions may be sent with a minimum of 4 links or a maximum of 10 links .  It is not possible to edit audition links after uploading.  Submission links will be submitted through the Music Supplemental Application.

General Requirements 

  • Two solos, selected from different historical periods of music, and of difficulty and quality appropriate for performance at the doctoral level. Applicant should bring an accompanist if possible.
  • Etudes (see below)
  • Orchestral excerpts (see below)

Trumpet Audition

  • One etude selected from Brandt - Vacciano Orchestral Studies (MCA Music), and one etude selected from Charlier Etudes Transcendantes (Leduc)
  • Performance of "standard" orchestral excerpts selected from any volume of excerpts by Bartold, Voisin, or Rossbach (International), or by Neubaus (Musikverlag Hans Gerig)


Contact Professor Amy Schendel.