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Graduate Viola Auditions

  1. Professor Christine Rutledge teaches a student.Major and minor scales in three or four octaves in various tempi and bowings
  2. Etude from the following: Don’t, 24 Studies, op. 37, Campagnoli, 41 Caprices, op. 22; Rodé, 24 Caprices; Gavanies, 24 Studies; Fiorillo, 31 Studies; Fuchs, Fifteen Characteristic Studies, 16 Fantasy Etudes, &Twelve Caprices for Viola or 2 excerpts from the standard orchestra repertoire
  3. 1-2 movements from Bach, Six Suites (cello) or Sonatas and Partitas (violin)
  4. 1 movement from a major concerto
  5. 1 movement from a sonata or solo work in a contrasting style to the Bach and concerto selection


For more information, or if alternate audition repertoire is desired, please contact Professor Christine Rutledge for approval.