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Graduate Viola Auditions

Audition requirements: Memorization not required.

  1. First movement from a major viola concerto, including, but not limited to, those by: Hindemith, Walton, Bartok, Higdon, Tower, Piston, Harbison, Schnittke, Hoffmeister, Stamitz, Penderecki, Bowen, Forsythe
  2. 2 movements of solo Bach (Cello Suite or Violin Sonatas & Partitas)
  3. 2 contrasting movements from works for viola and piano or solo viola in contrasting styles. (Please select works that are also in contrasting styles from your concerto.)

For more information, contact Prof. Christine Rutledge to make alternate arrangements.

A live zoom graduate audition can be requested (instead of a recording) through correspondence with the instructor.