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Graduate Advisory Exams

New graduate students, with the exception of M.A. Music Therapy students, are required to take placement exams in Music History and Music Theory prior to registration. Each Advisory Examination lasts two hours. The student should take both exams during the day or days immediately preceding the start of classes in his or her initial semester of study. Students will receive information regarding the exams in mid-June.

Exam locations are determined each year. They are held at the following times:

  • Music Theory: 9:00-11:00
  • Music History: Noon-2:00

Note: Contact the Academic Office at if you will not be able to take the advisory exams during the scheduled time. If you do not call prior to the scheduled exam time, we will not be able to make any alternative arrangements for the exam.

No student is prevented from enrolling because of an unsatisfactory score on either examination. The examinations allow entering graduate students with excellent preparation in music theory or music history to take graduate elective courses in those areas without having to pass the prerequisite courses MUS:5200, MUS:5301 and/or MUS:5302.


Music Theory and History electives are listed under "Graduate Programs: Master of Arts" in The University of Iowa General Catalog.

Exam Results

Students and faculty advisors will be notified of examination results by e-mail.