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Undergraduate Clarinet Auditions

clarinetists performing on stage

**All auditions for fall 2021 admission will be conducted virtually**

 For general information and to register for an audition, please see Undergraduate Auditions

Auditions should be submitted through the Music Supplemental Application by February 1, 2021.

Students auditioning for the Clarinet studio should submit 5 videos including:

  1. Video with 4 Major Scales
  2. Video with 2 natural minors, 2 harmonic minors, and 2 melodic minors
  3. Video with two contrasting etudes (fast-slow)
  4. Video with two movements from standard solo clarinet repertoire
  5. Video with 2 orchestral excerpts


For additional information, please contact Jorge Montilla Moreno, assistant professor of clarinet.