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Graduate Violin Auditions

M.A.Violinists rehearse.

  1. Major and minor scales and arpeggios in 3 octaves.
  2. Two contrasting movements from a Bach Sonata or Partita for Solo Violin
  3. The 1st movement of a major concerto (not Baroque), including cadenza if applicable
  4. One movement from a sonata or solo piece in a contrasting style to the Bach and the Concerto


  1. Two contrasting movements form a Bach Sonata or Partita for Solo Violin
  2. An entire major concerto with cadenzas, if applicable
  3. An additional work of the candidate's choice in a style other than the Bach or the concerto.

For more information, or if you cannot audition on the dates above please contact Katie Wolfe or Scott Conklin to make alternate arrangements. Recorded auditions are acceptable, but a live audition preferred.