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Jazz Studies Auditions

Jazz Audition Days

  • February 9
  • February 10
  • February 16
  • February 17

Audition Day Information

The submission deadline for undergraduates to file the School of Music supplemental application is February 1.


No prescreening required

Preparation Requirements

Jazz area auditions will consist of the following:

  • Performance of a prepared jazz etude, transcription, or substantial big band chart (not preferred, but accepted) that is a minimum of 50 measures in length. The prepared piece may be in a style of the student’s choosing.
  • Prepare to perform the full melody and improvise over several choruses of two jazz standards of contrasting styles. No more than one of these two standards may be a 12 or 16 bar blues. This portion of the audition should be prepared with the use of a backing track (Aebersold play-along, Band in a box, IRealB, etc). Memorization of these pieces are not a hard requirement, but highly encouraged. 

Time Requirement

Audition materials should be thoroughly prepared and fit within the 30 minute audition slot.


Jazz standards should be accompanied by a backing track (listed above).

Technical Requirements

  • Performance of major and natural minor scales (2 octaves whenever possible) in all 12 keys in 8th notes at 120bpm.
  • The audition will include sight-reading a short excerpt written in either swing, bossa nova or funk styles.

Suggested or Required Repertoire

List of possible standards appropriate for an undergraduate audition>>

Rudimental Snare Solo from Charley Wilcoxon Modern Rudimental Swing Solos for The Advanced Drummer

Judging Criteria

  • Preparedness
  • Improvisational skills
  • Sight-reading and scales

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the audition and number of applicants, we will not be able to provide individual comments. All decisions made will be final.


  1. When am I considered for scholarship?
    1. You are considered for scholarship at the time of audition
  2. When will I hear about my results?
    1. You will be notified via formal letter about your audition results and music scholarship results in early March

Contact Information

Jazz Studies area head Dr. Damani Phillips

Allison Bierman, Admissions Counselor

                (319) 335-3994