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Undergraduate Bassoon Auditions

UI Symphony Band bassoon section. **All auditions for fall 2021 admission will be conducted virtually**

 For general information and to register for an audition, please see Undergraduate Auditions.

Undergraduate applicants should submit video auditions containing 15-30 minutes of music. Submission may be one video or several. Submission links will be submitted through the Music Supplemental Application. 

Audition should include:

  • One etude
  • One movement or solo piece from the standard repertory
  • One additional work in a contrasting style

Suggested undergraduate bassoon etude repertory:

  • Weissenborn, Advanced Studies; Milde, Scale and Chord Etudes Op. 25; Milde, Concert Etudes Op. 26, vol. 1; Slama 66 Studies

Suggested undergraduate bassoon solo repertoire:

  • Concertos by Vivaldi, Weber, Kozeluh, and David. Sonatas and solo pieces: Besozzi, Sonata in Bb; Bourdeau, Premier solo, Corelli, Sonata in D minor; Elgar, Romance; Galliard, Six Sonatas; Hindemith, Sonata; Pierne, Concertpiece Op. 35; Phillips, Concert Piece; and Telemann, Sonata in f minor.


For additional information, please contact Benjamin Coelho, professor of bassoon.