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Brass Chamber Music

Trumpet students performing in the Concert Hall

The University of Iowa Brass Area maintains an active commitment to chamber music. Students may participate in small ensembles such as brass quintets, quartets and trios, as well as the trumpet ensemble, horn choir, trombone choir, tuba euphonium ensemble or brass choir. These ensembles can be taken for credit and courses are listed as Wind Chamber Music with the following course numbers:

MUS:3485:0002 (Brass Quintets, Quartets and Trios)

MUS:3485:0005 (Horn Choir)

MUS:3485:0007 (Trumpet Ensemble)

MUS:3485:0008 (Trombone Ensemble)

MUS:3485:0010 (Brass Choir)

MUS:3485:0012 (Tuba Euphonium Ensemble)

Brass Quintets and other small ensembles rehearse two hours weekly and receive one hour of coaching per week from a faculty member. Trumpet Ensemble, Horn Choir, Trombone Ensemble and the Tuba Euphonium Ensemble rehearse and perform regularly, including at the annual brass chamber music recital.

In addition to weekly studio classes held by each professor, twice each semester all of the brass studios convene for an area brass seminar; which often takes the form of a masterclass for brass chamber groups, orchestral brass sections, soloists, guest artist performances, and other events.