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Piano Chamber Music

Student piano trio performing in recital hall

Chamber music is an integral and important part of the educational and artistic mission of the piano area. All graduate and undergraduate students are required to enroll in various chamber music classes.

The piano area faculty strongly believes that good skills and experience in chamber music are crucial for all pianists. We believe chamber music enriches solo playing and builds important collaborative experience for future employment.

MA and DMA students are required to enroll for four semesters in collaborative and chamber music courses, either in MUS:7401:0IND (Special Studies in Piano Accompaniment & Chamber Music) or MUS:3481:0IND (Piano Chamber Music). Undergraduate students may enroll in these courses by special permission or if they are in need of more rudimentary training can enroll in MUS:3480:0001 (Piano Accompaniment). Students may enroll under their advisors’ sections and are also strongly encouraged to enroll with other instrumentalists and vocalists to gain the widest possible collaborative experience. With students enrolled in these various courses, the piano area strongly supports many of the applied studios within our school.