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Woodwind Chamber Music

Student woodwind quintet performing in Concert Hall

Chamber music is an integral, thriving, and exciting aspect of the University of Iowa Woodwind Area. Many of our students create chamber groups that include duos, reed trios, woodwind quintets, double reed ensembles and several other varieties small and large ensembles. These groups allow students to develop many fundamental musical qualities in a focused and fun way. In their chamber ensembles, University of Iowa woodwind students will cultivate a deeper understanding of balance, blend, intonation, rhythm, and the cohesive creation of a musical narrative with their musical peers. Taking part in the woodwind chamber music course is also a wonderful way for students to form bonds of friendship and musical partnerships with each other.

Enrolling in woodwind chamber music will allow students to form groups of their choosing and receive weekly coachings with one of the  Woodwind Area professors.  In addition to coachings students will have the opportunity to perform as a group for guest artists in master class settings.  Students can perform on chamber music recitals or individual student’s recitals.  They are also encouraged and welcome to perform on our new lunch time chamber music series. 

Woodwind Chamber Music is available to undergraduate and graduate students alike. You may enroll as a member of a pre-formed group or as an individual. Chamber music groups will be assigned to individuals during the first few weeks of classes, depending on enrollment in the course. Please contact Professor Courtney Miller with any questions.