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Undergraduate Tuba/Euphonium Auditions

student tuba player

Candidates should prepare two contrasting selections from the standard repertoire for their instrument, which may include solos, etudes and/or orchestral excerpts. It is critical that the audition material be thoroughly prepared, approximately 8 to 10 minutes in length, and represents the candidate’s best playing. 

For more information and to register for an audition, please see Undergraduate Auditions.

Tuba Solos:

  • Vaughan Williams Concerto for Bass Tuba
  • Hindemith Sonata for Tuba and Piano
  • Gregson Tuba Concerto
  • Bach/Bell Air and Bouree
  • Hartley Unaccompanied Tuba Sonata
  • Persichetti Serenade No. 12
  • Barat Introduction and Dance
  • Lebedev
  • Haddad Suite for Tuba
  • Nelhybel Suite for Tuba

Tuba Etudes:

  • Bordogni/Rochut
  • Blazevich
  • Kopprasch

Euphonium Solos:

  • White Lyric Suite
  • Haddad Suite for Baritone
  • Marcello (any) Sonata
  • Vaughan Williams Six Studies in English Folk Song
  • Capuzzi Andante and Rondo
  • Jacob Fantasia
  • Horovitz Euphonium Concerto

Euphonium Etudes:

  • Arban (Characteristic Studies)
  • Rochut
  • Voxman Selected Studies


Contact John Manning, associate professor of tuba/euphonium