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Director, School of Music, Tammie Walker
Associate Director, Graduate Studies, David Puderbaugh
Associate Director, Undergraduate Studies, Alan Huckleberry
Associate Director, Instructional Support, Benjamin Coelho

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Area Heads

Area Heads
Area Contact
Bands (Ensembles) Richard Mark Heidel
Brass Jonathan Allen
Choirs (Ensembles) Timothy Stalter
Composition and Music Theory David Gompper
Theory Coordinator Robert Cook
Jazz Studies Damani Phillips
Music Education Mary Cohen
Music Therapy Mary Adamek
Musicology Marian Wilson Kimber
Orchestras (Ensembles) David Becker
Organ Gregory Hand
Percussion Dan Moore
Piano Rene LecuonaKsenia Nosikova
Strings Scott Conklin
Voice John Muriello
Woodwinds Nicole Esposito