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School of Music Committees

Undergraduate Committee

· Alan Huckleberry, convener

· Hae Sun Kim (1-year term, elected) *Ben Coelho will resume in 2024-25 (Spr24 PDA)

· William Menefield (3-year term, elected)

· Michael Gause (1-year term, elected)

· Sam Young (2-year term, appointed)

· Tony Arnone (1-year term, appointed

Graduate Committee

· David Puderbaugh, convener

· Abbey Dvorak (2-year term, elected)

· Katy Ambrose (3-year term, elected)

· Ksenia Nosikova (1-year term, elected)

· Dan Moore (2-year term, appointed)

· Matthew Arndt (1-year term, appointed

Peer Review Committee

· Nathan Platte (academic rep, 3-year term, elected)

· David Gompper (academic rep, 1-year term, elected)

· Scott Conklin (performance rep, 2-year term, elected)

· Nicole Esposito (performance rep, 3-year term, elected)

· Volkan Orhon (performance rep, 1-year term, elected)

· Tim Stalter (ensemble rep, 1-year term, elected)

· Greg Hand (at-large rep, 1-year term, elected)

Facilities, Technology and Equipment Purchase Committee

· John Manning, convener

· Curtis Taylor (2-year term, elected)

· Jean-François Charles (3-year term, elected)

· Jonathan Allen (1-year term, elected)

· Jorge Montilla Moreno (2-year term, appointed)

· Christine Rutledge (1-year term, appointed)

· Chad Walker, ex officio

Library Committee

· Katie Buehner, convener

· Wayne Wyman (2-year term, appointed)

· Mary Cohen (3-year term, appointed)

· Sarah Suhadolnik (1-year term, appointed)

· Rene Lecuona (1-year term, appointed)

· Graduate student rep (appointed, TBA)

· Undergraduate student rep (appointed, TBA)

Recruitment/Enrollment Management Committee (“REM”)

· John Manning, convener

· Elise DesChamps (2-year term, elected)

· Greg Hand (3-year term, elected)

· Beth Oakes (1-year term, elected)

· Eric Bush (2-year term, appointed)

· Kenneth Tse (1-year term, appointed)

· Allison Bierman, ex officio

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee (“EDIB”)

· Marian Wilson Kimber, convener

· Adam Harry (2-year term, elected)

· Beth Oakes (3-year term, elected)

· Trevor Harvey (1-year term, elected)

· Kirsten Nelson (2-year term, appointed)

· Rachel Joselson (1-year term, appointed)

· Veena Kappaganthu (undergraduate rep, 1-year term, elected by students)

· Anna (Chieh-Chun) Chen (graduate rep, 1-year term, elected by students)

· TBA (3-year term, appointed by staff)

· Briana Maxwell (1-year term, appointed by staff)

Music Executive Advisory Council (“MEAC”) 
(2022-23 Area Heads)


· Jonathan Allen (brass/percussion)

· Jean-François Charles (composition/theory)

· Eric Bush (ensembles)

· Damani Phillips (jazz studies)

· Nathan Platte (musicology)

· Jeremy Manternach (music education)

· Abbey Dvorak (music therapy)

· Ksenia Nosikova (piano/organ)

· Katie Wolfe (strings)

· Elise DesChamps (voice)

· Nicole Esposito (woodwinds)


Student Advisory Council 

Undergraduate Representatives:

  • Brass/Percussion:  Hannah Oberhoffer
  • Composition:  Alex Lenaers
  • Jazz:  Sam Ross
  • Music Education:  Majesty Constable
  • Music Therapy:  Ani Perez-Brennan
  • Organ/Piano:  Kendra Hunt
  • Strings:  Allie Schumacher
  • Voice:  Eva Fisk
  • Woodwinds:  Amelia Johnson

Graduate Representatives: 

  • Brass/Percussion:  Kristin Ronning
  • Composition/Theory:  TBA
  • Conducting:  Katelyn Peterson
  • Jazz:  TBA
  • Music Education:  Maddy Yankell
  • Music Therapy:  Naomi Davis
  • Musicology:  Rebekah Erdman
  • Organ/Piano:  Craig Jordan
  • Strings:  Hanna Rumora
  • Voice:  Sarah Hachtman
  • Woodwinds:  Carlos Lopez